Boston Strong Women

The spirit of the marathon is strong with Boston spirit. Loving the power of these images

10 days till this race.  I am surprised how emotional I am about the chance I’ve been given to run it again and the idea of crossing the finish line this time.

I’m hoping finishing will give me some closure / relief from whatever is left over from last year.  I think I just tried to “get over it” a year ago and it’s clear to me (especially now that we’re 10 days out) that I was never really able to do so.  I think I’m still feeling a little messed up from whatever unresolved shock / grief I didn’t deal with from a year ago.

Anyway, this race means a lot to me. I’m fired up for it.

I don’t know wether I should be proud or disappointed in the fact I can rap “Dear Old Nicki” as well as I can.

I cannot wait until I can curl up in my bed, with my new heated blanket that my wonderful boyfriend got me, watch Netflix with my window wide open watching the blizzard.